• Hilary Woodgate

A very attractive look!....

What, may you ask, am I up to?!

Well as a feltmaker using fabulous and colourful fabrics in my work I have had a yearning for a while now to learn to dye my own silk fabrics rather than to buy them in.....If you like, to complete the whole picture of being a Felt and Textile Artist.

So as you can see I’m following all the recommendations of wearing the correct protective glasses, face-mask and gloves. Very pretty as the colours are it really isn’t a good idea to accidentally inhale the powder particles let alone to ingest them, to splash them into your eyes or to end up having brightly semi-permanently coloured hands!

I’m still only at the stage of playing with the dyes using the microwave technique. So far I have learnt the importance of having a little pot of water in the microwave alongside the container of damp and dye-applied fabric; that it’s worth taking that bit of extra time to make sure that all the fabric is covered with dye (unless of course you want white patches) and of timings against quantity of damp fabric........Overcooking causes burn holes and left unattended potentially your fire to catch fire, so not a great idea!

Anyway playing and allowing ourselves to make mistakes is of course how we learn.....

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